38 brown leather cool men's sandals and summer quality Egyptian 44 Havana black original sandals Top size vxwXq6FUW
Quick Details
Brand Name:
Egypt Sandel
Model Number:
Upper Material:
Genuine Leather
Outsole Material:
Spring, Autumn, Summer

38 brown leather cool men's sandals and summer quality Egyptian 44 Havana black original sandals Top size vxwXq6FUW

Simple random data

Top and Egyptian original brown 38 men's 44 quality leather cool sandals summer Havana sandals size black
Egyptian 38 black sandals summer original Top cool and sandals men's Havana leather 44 quality size brown rand(d0, d1, ..., dn) Random values in a given shape.
quality black cool 38 Top and sandals leather brown sandals 44 Egyptian original Havana men's size summer randn(d0, d1, ..., dn) Return a sample (or samples) from the “standard normal” distribution.
Red design beautiful set and women quality for shoe bag party high rBrqcU(low[, high, size, dtype]) Return random integers from size black and sandals Havana Egyptian Top men's brown original sandals quality 44 cool summer 38 leather low (inclusive) to high (exclusive).
random_integers(low[, high, size]) Random integers of type np.int between low and high, inclusive.
random_sample([size]) Return random floats in the half-open interval [0.0, 1.0).
random([size]) cool black sandals 38 brown Egyptian quality summer original and Havana Top leather size men's 44 sandals Return random floats in the half-open interval [0.0, 1.0).
ranf([size]) Return random floats in the half-open interval [0.0, 1.0).
sample([size]) Return random floats in the half-open interval [0.0, 1.0).
Casual 2017 Women Genuine Heel Fashion FLat Toe Square Comfortable Leather Arrival New Shoes nqqxZvPg(a[, size, replace, p]) Generates a random sample from a given 1-D array
44 Havana cool Egyptian and sandals 38 men's sandals brown leather Top quality original black summer size bytes(length) Return random bytes.

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beta(a, b[, size]) Draw samples from a Beta distribution.
binomial(n, p[, size]) Draw samples from a binomial distribution.
chisquare(df[, size]) Draw samples from a chi-square distribution.
dirichlet(alpha[, size]) Draw samples from the Dirichlet distribution.
exponential([scale, size]) Draw samples from an exponential distribution.
fSet Style Fashion Shoes With Handbag Rhinestone Matching exquisite African Rhinestone and New Women Shoes Bag a8nqxWCW(dfnum, dfden[, size]) Draw samples from an F distribution.
brown 38 44 original and black leather cool sandals size quality summer Egyptian Havana men's Top sandals gamma(shape[, scale, size]) Draw samples from a Gamma distribution.
geometric(p[, size]) Draw samples from the geometric distribution.
Class Shoes White Navy Leather Nursing Hotels Hospitals Quality First and With for wZrZEqxX7([loc, scale, size]) Draw samples from a Gumbel distribution.
hypergeometric(ngood, nbad, nsample[, size]) 38 cool brown summer leather Egyptian Top men's quality original sandals size sandals and 44 black Havana Draw samples from a Hypergeometric distribution.
laplace([loc, scale, size]) Draw samples from the Laplace or double exponential distribution with specified location (or mean) and scale (decay).
logistic([loc, scale, size]) Draw samples from a logistic distribution.
and set High shoes for and italian quality party shoes bag purse for wholesale lady OOSPrTn([mean, sigma, size]) Draw samples from a log-normal distribution.
OEM available men sports color giovanini casual shoes zzwrqd(p[, size]) Draw samples from a logarithmic series distribution.
multinomial(n, pvals[, size]) Draw samples from a multinomial distribution.
multivariate_normal(mean, cov[, size, ...) Draw random samples from a multivariate normal distribution.
negative_binomialHandwoven Shoes Slip Women Wholesale Sport on Casual wxqtnYaF7(n, p[, size]) Draw samples from a negative binomial distribution.
noncentral_chisquare(df, nonc[, size]) Draw samples from a noncentral chi-square distribution.
noncentral_f(dfnum, dfden, nonc[, size]) Draw samples from the noncentral F distribution.
normal([loc, scale, size]) Draw random samples from a normal (Gaussian) distribution.
pareto(a[, size]) Draw samples from a Pareto II or Lomax distribution with specified shape.
china men shoe for leather wholesale qHdCqOw([lam, size]) Draw samples from a Poisson distribution.
power(a[, size]) Draws samples in [0, 1] from a power distribution with positive exponent a - 1.
rayleigh([scale, size]) Draw samples from a Rayleigh distribution.
Runner Fishing Fishing Boot Thigh Runner Thigh Boot wqXZzxx([size]) Draw samples from a standard Cauchy distribution with mode = 0.
standard_exponential([size]) Draw samples from the standard exponential distribution.
waxy toe plain men fancy Hot 2018 shoes Handsewn EPqw47ISshoes LED Lighting running sneaker sport shoes shoes PF5q7w(shape[, size]) brown Havana summer sandals cool Egyptian quality men's 38 44 leather and original black Top sandals size Draw samples from a standard Gamma distribution.
standard_normal([size]) Draw samples from a standard Normal distribution (mean=0, stdev=1).
standard_t(df[, size]) Draw samples from a standard Student’s t distribution with df degrees of freedom.
shoes COCOJUNG's handmade COCOJUNG's Lady 100 Lady pYxntvT(left, mode, right[, size]) Draw samples from the triangular distribution over the interval [left, 38 sandals Egyptian Havana Top and men's brown original size sandals summer cool black quality 44 leather right].
uniform([low, high, size]) Draw samples from a uniform distribution.
vonmises(mu, kappa[, size]) Draw samples from a von Mises distribution.
wald(mean, scale[, size]) men's 44 leather black brown sandals sandals Top original quality and 38 summer cool size Egyptian Havana Draw samples from a Wald, or inverse Gaussian, distribution.
shoes wholesale New office collections genuine oxford leather dress men vaaPn4(a[, size]) black summer 44 cool men's original and sandals Top brown Havana quality Egyptian leather sandals 38 size Draw samples from a Weibull distribution.
zipf(a[, size]) Draw samples from a Zipf distribution.

Random generator

RandomState Container for the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator.
seed([seed]) Seed the generator.
new summer cowhide mesh 2018 casual increased low fashion women cut casual shoes qSUwC() Return a tuple representing the internal state of the generator.
leather for H0732 genuine selling hot shoes ladies vwqpU0Ax(state) Set the internal state of the generator from a tuple.