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At CoolChip Technologies our cooling solutions are not the status quo fan-cooled heat sink design of the last half-century. Our Kinetic Cooling Technology gets rid of the plastic fan and incorporates the heat sink assembly into a fully integrated forced convection cooling solution that we call a Kinetic Cooler. With the introduction of CoolChip Kinetic Cooling Technology, we deliver our customers thermal management products that empower them to unleash innovation that meets the needs of the modern era we live in.

“The number of transistors and resistors on a chip doubles every 24 months.”

Gordon Moore Author of Moore’s law

Everything in computing has increased at an exponential rate: the amount of memory in our machines, the amount of storage, and number of transistors on a chip. Everything has changed except the fan-cooled heat sink; yet cooling is essential in protecting the electronics that have benefited from Moore’s Law.

Insufficient cooling limits processing power, shortens device lifespan and stifles innovation. These inefficiencies are major pain points! We at CoolChip believe that it’s just not cool that cooling has not kept pace. It is our innovative spirit and commitment to best-in-class engineering that allows us to be the only company to deliver the next-generation in thermal management solutions for consumer electronics and enterprise manufacturers. CoolChip Technologies’ patented and patent-pending Kinetic Cooling Engines provide significant advantages across the board of up to 50% improvement in cooling and can achieve up to a 2x smaller form factor at significantly lower noise levels*.

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T T T Fashion M20101 amp;T Shoes amp;T amp;T M20101 M20101 Fashion Shoes ZBxAFwqU8
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