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The 6 Figure FB™ Ad System For eCom (Revamped For 2017)

When it comes to FaceBook™ Ads… we ALL get slumped here and there.

eCommerce can be VERY trick with FaceBook™ and if done incorrectly can leave your wallet feeling EXTREMELY lighter than it started off.

Over $500,000 spend in FB ads we have 4 extremely insightful tips. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced FB marketer these tips are sure to help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on testing and allow you to become profitable way faster then you thought was possible.

Here are our 4 top tips to help you increase your ROI from your campaigns.

#1 – Define Your Audience!

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One of my favorite analogizes is this: Imagine building a house. Can you build a house on thin air? No! You cannot. You have to have a solid foundation. You have to have LAND to build that house on.

This is the same with you eCommerce stores. If you build your store without doing research in th ebbing you are setting yourself up for immense failure before you ever get started.

Your first task is to DEFINE your audience and know WHO you are targeting and what they want. Most importantly WHY they want it and what TRIGGERS them to purchase. If you can define and determine WHO and WHY you already won half the battle.

Defining your audience isn’t hard at all…

Ask your yourself these questions here. Write them down, type it out… do whatever you have to do to commit this to memory because its only going to help you in the long run.

A) WHY does someone want this? Does it satisfy a certain need or help with a problem they have at that point in time?

B) Will someone browsing Facebook purchase this IMPULSIVELY? Can I make a sale just by someone seeing this on their news feed rather quickly?

C) WHO is buying this? What type of person? Someone in dire need of a solution… someone who is vein… etc. Define WHO is purchasing.


#2 – Going Broad?

If you sell iPhone cases… you sell chokers.. you already know you need to go broader.

How broad? Well that is VERY dependent on your targeting and you BETTER know what you are doing…

Not only knowing what you are doing, but you MUST 100% have the budget needed for brand targeting with the expectation that you will NEVER see that money again if it doesn’t go the way you planned (NEWS FLASH: Nothing in eCommerce ever goes as planned).

cow shoes ladies leather model casual sneakers handmade and luxury New However if you are going BROAD this is what I suggest:

Minimum audience size: 700,000 potential reach with all targeting done

Maximum audience size: 1,500,000 (1.2M is ideal but some audiences won’t let you dive that deep).

Now lets not forget this also includes micro targeting with Men and Women and by LOCATION.

This is an example of BROAD targeting done CORRECTLY

If you want to learn more about this make sure you watch our 4 part training series we’ve created for you here.

#3 – Dig Deeper

Niching down is your BEST BET to find high converting audiences that EAT UP your offers.

Your best bet for niching down is to use this simple formula.

In demand product + micro audience that the product fits into = Run ads

It’s rather simple. You want to find people that are EASY to target with a specific product. Once you find these people you are going to have to create ads specific for them.

Thats how we dominated with a TEST pit bull page and a few products we tested.

Check out the page here.

Check out our targeting:

As you can see we found the SUPER passionate audience (and I knew about them because I love Dogs and Pit Bulls as well) and I went ahead and targeted them with adorable pit bull stuff.

I used TONS of dark post ads with this audience and they are VERY prime to purchasing merchandise.

Now… for my last tip.

#4 – Test Test Test

There is no possible way anyone will be able to become successful with FB ads without a few things.

A) Testing. You MUST test. Doesn’t matter if you are new or a veteran testing is part of the game and you must test and keep testing in order to find your winners.

Don’t get discouraged when you can’t find your winner right way. You must be persistent. Check this video out to help you understand more of why people fail.

Here’s the deal.

We know not EVERYONE is struggling but for the VAST majority that are.. dress toe ornament suede mink pointy ladies hair heels sexy kitten shoes SW7EZx1 You will be able to learn how to finally target correctly and create ads and what needs to be done to create highly successful FB ad campaigns.

Download the Social Ads Enigma training today before we take it down.

It’s 100% free to watch and its on us. You are going to learn:

  • Perfect Targeting – there are ‘perfect’ ranges of targeting that you should know and implement when running FB ads. Failure to comply with these targeting strategies can lead you to compete failure with your ads.
  • The 500K Rule – we know some audiences respond better to certain ads depending on the size of the audience. Make sure you pay close attention to this part.
  • Broad Targeting – there is a VERY specific strategy you need to follow if you have a generic store compared to a niche store and we tell you exactly hot to perfectly target with a broad store. 

Download your free training videos here now while we still have this up and available to the public. See you soon,

Dan Dasilva

CEO, eCom Dudes

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Fastest Way To $500 Per Day With Shopify (Fred Lam Interview)

Imagine how YOUR life could be changed with results like these:

1 – Find your GOLDEN Product

Finding the perfect product can be EXTREMELY complicated. However, we love certain tools to make out lives easier.

Watchcount allows us to cross reference with eBay to check what is selling extremely well.

You can even use the AliExpress best sellers listings to find some of the highest selling and BEST selling products (recommended for basic research).

However, you want to make sure whatever market you tap into NEEDS what you are trying to sell. If you are trying to sell something your audience DOES NOT WANT.. you will have little to no success.

However, when you are looking for a product just keep in mind that you want to find something you can offer upsells with.

For example if you start off with a burger you can upsell fries. If you start off selling a shoe you can upsell socks, laces, etc…

2 – Run FaceBook Ads FIRST (instant feedback)

For some reason 90% of people think the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ meaning that everyone thinks its MUCH easier to advertise on another platform OTHER THAN FaceBook.

The truth is you want to start off with FaceBook Ads so you can easily growth hack your way into any market and start generating sales and a consistent flow of revenue.

Once you master the art of FaceBook ads you can SCALE INTO Google Traffic.

Let me explain in a few moments.

3 – Sell Higher Priced Products

When it comes to higher price products you MUST start getting involved.

To many eCom store owners are AFRAID of raising their prices or having it as a ‘premium’ price.

Here is a complete mindset shift: With one of Fred’s store his average order is $2,000+. Yes that is average order value.

Meaning YOU need to start using this pricing strategy.

4 – Increase Perceived Value

This goes hand and hand with #3.

If you can easily increase the PERCEIVED value (what people THINK its worth) you will be able to sell it for ANYTHING you want.

Think about this…

In the pharmaceutical world (we want to use a MASSIVE Billion Dollar Market for this example)

Generic prices are $21 compared to brand name $80+

People perceive the BRANDS as better quality and will work much better.

Same thing in eCommerce.

The way you make people PERCEIVE your products Weill be a direct reflection of how much you can sell your products for.


5 – Scale To Google Search Traffic

When it comes to scaling Fred has been able to build a MASSIVE empire using NOTHING but Google Search.

When it comes to Google you need to remember…

Your customer isn’t going to FaceBook and typing in “Buy XYZ” the are going where?.. Well, lets face it… GOOGLE!

That means they are BUYER traffic. FaceBook is INTERRUPTION traffic.


When it comes to Google Adwords its NOT EASY however, its massively profitable if you know what you are doing.

Our suggestion is to MASTER FaceBook before you ever get started with AdWords.

If you have ever tried to create FaceBook ads and FAILED miserably we have JUST the training for you.. oh, and let me mention this before we get started. Its 100% FREE. On us!

You will learn

  • How to PROPERLY target in 2017 onwards
  • Quickly and affordably start generating sales on command without breaking the bank
  • Knowing WHERE to find buyer traffic on FaceBook and how to rapidly optimize for it
  • And SO MUCH more

Register for the free training here. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and look forward to hearing from you once we do.

Speak soon,

Dan Dasilva

CEO, eCom Dudes

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Top 8 AliExpress Products To Shortcut Your Success

Before we start I HIGHLY suggest watching the video to CLEARLY understand these products and the dynamics behind them.

I LOVE the pit bull niche and its extremely easy to target since the niche is very passionate and Facebook gives you tons of targeting options.

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When the new iPhone was announced and released we ran a MASSIVE promotion targeting iPhone 7 as interest and WOW our results were INCREDIBLE.

We did a generic targeting inside the USA and let Facebook do what they do best – optimize for us.

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Click here for the tempered glass supplier. 

Now this is HARD to target because you need to go broad. However our main objective when we run these type of offers and ads is to get 25 purchases as FAST as we can to cook our pixel FAST.

Once we have 25 purchases Facebook self optimizes and starts getting everyone we are looking for to see our ad.

Your main goal is to FLOOD this product with sales and then target women inside the USA and let the ad run its course.

Start at $5 / day and let it run.

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Click here to get the women choker supplier.

Now this is REALLY hard since there are TONS of products that have been working INSANELY well for us in the baby space.

There really isn’t a correct way to go out and there and chose a product its more so what the market (mothers) dictate at the time is ‘trendy’.

When it comes to targeting you can easily go and target mothers within Facebook (this isn’t a targeting post so I won’t go in-depth. You can check out our targeting posts for more information).

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Click here to check out the product above. 

Survival is STILL hot, however you want to create funnels with survival.

Survival buyers purchase based on fear. If you can easily hit that fear point then you can easily sell anything in the space.

Click here for the survival emergency kit supplier.

If you are going to do this you are going to have MUCH BETTER luck building a beard brand OR you have to go with a higher pricing strategy (with bundle offers).

Remember beard falls under an aesthetic look and people will spend ANY AMOUNT of money to look good.

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Click here to get the beard buddy supplier.

Target cycling brands and fan pages I’ll leave the rest up to you.

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Click here to get the cycling speedometer supplier.

Everyone is trying to sell fishing lures 1 by 1.

We are going out there and BUNDLING the lures and purchasing bundles and selling them THAT WAY.

Our targeting is DIFFERENT then what everyone else uses however, as I mentioned before, you can read up on our targeting on a different post.

with jeans blue zipper Men shoes 6cm Canvas taller qwHvYP

Click here for fishing lure supplier. 

Strugglign with ads?

If you are struggling with targeting and ads we cover targeting and facebook ads inside the eCom Dudes Academy. 

This month we are releasing our massive ‘FaceBook Ads Remastered’ course inside the Academy where Dan Dasilva shows you LIVE how to create a PERFECT ad that is going to generate INCREDIBLE amounts of sales. Not only will you learn exactly how to create the perfect ad you will also learn how to target properly with new conversion window time periods and how the new ‘dynamic audience reach’ is going to DRAMATICALLY affect your ROI.

This is information that isn’t being shared anywhere else except inside the eCom Dudes Academy and you are MOMENTS away from learning it all and generating thousands of dollars every single day.

If you are interested in getting instant access to our FaceBook Ads Remastered click here, sign up and get instant to all the content you will ever need to get your store up and running and successful.

See you on the inside,

Dan Dasilva

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3 Major FaceBook Ad Secrets

Struggling with FaceBook ads?

The problem with Facebook ads is there are SO MANY different strategies you can use. Many different people pulling you in TONS of directions.

I think here at eCom Dudes Academy one of our coaches Ben Malol has laid out the PERFECT strategy for Facebook ads that WE’VE been using SECRETLY behind the scenes.

Here is it…

Here is the cheat sheet (on us!)

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(NOTE: If you are interested in ALL of our cheat sheets and Ben’s walkthrough of how to create highly successful FaceBook ads make sure you are apart of the eCom Dudes Academy. Ben is one of 12 coaches we have this year who teach their strategies to creating highly successful eCommerce stores from scratch. Learn more here.)

Creating successful ads is going to be SUPER easy once you have this process set up for you!

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