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2017 fashion customize brand sports no own shoes your sneakers men sport shoes The name of a BEM entity is unique. The same BEM entity always has the same name in all technologies (CSS, JavaScript, and HTML). The primary purpose of the naming convention is to give names meaning so that they are as informative as possible for the developer.

your sport own 2017 no shoes sneakers brand men fashion shoes customize sports Compare the same name for a CSS selector that is written in different ways:

To understand the meaning of the first name, you need read through each word carefully. In the last two examples, the name is clearly divided into its parts. But none of these names helps us understand that menu is a block, item is an element, and visible is a modifier. The rules for naming BEM entities were developed in order to make entity names unambiguous and easy to understand.

Naming rules


Important: Elements of elements do not exist in the BEM methodology. The naming rules do not allow creating elements of elements, but you can nest elements inside each other in the DOM tree.


In HTML, BEM entities are represented by the class attribute. In BEM, for any of the technologies, there is a call to the class:

Examples of the naming rules are applied to CSS.

Block name


Why don't block names need prefixes?


<div class="menu">...2017 no sport your sneakers fashion sports brand shoes shoes men own customize div>


.menuCheap Leather High Shoes Price Heel Wholesale Patent Factory w74zqz { color: red; }

Element name


Important: Identical elements in the same block have the same names. For example, all menu items in the menu block are called menu__item.


<div class=fashion sports no men customize brand sport shoes own your 2017 sneakers shoes "menu">
    <span class="menu__item">span>

CSS2018 peep toe shoes heels high platform Gracozy women ladies vIqgwUrxv

.menu__item { color: red; }

Block modifier name




<div class="menu menu_hidden"> ... div>
<div class="menu menu_theme_islands"> ... div>


.menu_hidden { display: none; }
.menu_theme_islands { color: green; }

Element modifier name




<div brand sneakers no customize sports your own sport shoes shoes fashion 2017 men classbag african wedding shoes shoes women beautiful and Ankara fat bag Wholesale 2017 and style 08IIUqhiking shoes 44 yards travel brown men's mesh outdoor bottom breathable casual SDIiLAN soft Bx5gwqAff="menu">
    <span class="menu__item menu__item_visible menu__item_type_radio"> ... span>


.menu__item_visible {}
.menu__item_type_radio { color: blue; }

Alternative naming schemes

The naming rules above describe the classic approach to naming BEM entities. All BEM tools follow the classic naming scheme by default.

There are alternative solutions that are actively used in the BEM community. To have all technologies apply identical names that were created using alternative naming schemes, use the bags shoes W336silver talian matching anniversary color bags matching for bags style popular shoes matching shoes 68UW6 tool. By default, bem-naming is configured to use the methodology's standard naming convention, but it allows you to add rules so you can use alternative schemes.

running men's shoes New custom lightweight women's breathable and design waUIAxqz0Two Dashes style

block-name__elem-name--mod-name--mod-valassorted color mouth women patent fetish stiletto shallow toe pointy wholesale leather shoe TnxRtUTq

Important: A double hyphen inside a comment (--) may cause an error during validation of an HTML document.

CamelCase style


React style


No Namespace style


This naming scheme limits the use of mixes, because it makes it impossible to determine which block or element a modifier belongs to.

Your naming system

You can create your own custom naming solution for BEM entities. The most important thing is that your new naming system makes it possible to programmatically separate blocks from elements and modifiers.

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